UAV Magnetics & Orthophoto / DSM Surveys - Worldwide


In the past 12 months, MWH Geo-Surveys has conducted:

  • over 10,000 line kilometers of UAV magnetics

  • over 750 square kilometers of orthophoto , DSM mapping

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UAV MAGNETIC SURVEYS:  High resolution magnetic data can now be rapidly, economically and safely acquired in any terrain with our UAV Magnetic System.  UAV Magnetic data can be acquired with our RTK GPS WIND4 and M600 multi-rotor UAVs at a low level, fixed altitude even in rugged topography yielding exceptionally clean data.  We have multiple GEM Systems GSMP-35U lightweight optically pumped Potassium magnetometer sensors which offer the highest sensitivity, absolute accuracy and gradient tolerance available in the industry.

We have flown numerous projects and thousands of line kilometers of UAV surveys in multiple countries with our field proven systems.  Projects have been completed in North America, Central America, Africa and Europe.  All US flight operations are flown with FAA 107 certified pilots.


ORTHOPHOTO / DIGITAL SURFACE SURVEYS can be flown and processed for any number of GIS requirements using our WINGTRA VTOL and SenseFly eBee 3D professional mapping systems.  By collecting high resolution, low altitude photogrammetry we produce ultra high resolution mapping products.  Thermal imaging solutions with an eBee ThermoMap sensor are also available.

If you’d like some insight into the unprecedented scale of our UAV mapping operations check out the Pix4D / MWH webinar:

For gravity surveys in remote regions and/or rugged, complex topography without sufficiently accurate public elevation models we have utilized our Orthophoto/DSM surveys to calculate the best possible gravity survey terrain corrections. MWH was recently featured by senseFly for this innovative use of aerial mapping drones.  We have developed an enhanced processing system to leverage the high precision GNSS gravity positioning and the detailed DSM to create an unparalleled terrain correction solution.

250 square kilometer digital elevation model by UAV: 127,000 photos, 5cm resolution, 1.75 TB of photo data

250 square kilometer digital elevation model by UAV: 127,000 photos, 5cm resolution, 1.75 TB of photo data