We are a diverse and dedicated group of of surveyors, engineers and exploration professionals with a common goal of providing safe, efficient and high precision exploration services.

Kevin MacNabb: Owner & President

Rob Patrick: Canadian Logistics

Ruth MacNabb: Logistics

Kaolin Pickett: Project Manager

Munkh Namsraijav: Field Geophysicist

Jesse Conibear: Project Manager

Zaluu Tsegeen: Engineer

Thomas Hetrick: Project Manager

Max Huecksteadt: Surveyor

Marshall MacNabb: Research & Development Manager

Togie Davaasuren: Engineer

Samuel Teclu: Surveyor


Open Positions: Field Exploration Geo Data Tech:

Field Exploration Geo Data Tech for MWH Geo-surveys International, Inc. to report to our Reno, NV HQ but working at multiple unanticipated locs in USA. May telecommute. Set up field equipment + record readings + collect potential field data: electronic + manual gravity measurements using LaCoste + Romberg instruments. Collect magnetometer data using GEM mags + sensors. Collect GPS data using instruments such as ProFlex GNSS GPS receiver, Juniper Archer + Allegro. Coordinate technical ops + reduce geophys data + process w/ proprietary software + w/ Global Mapper, Surfer, Spectra Precision Survey Office, Pix4D. Merge geophys data w/ GPS data to client specs. QC of GNSS/geophys survey results to contract specs. Transmit data to HQ. Operate, adjust + maintain MWH GSI sci equip. Transport + calibrate L+R gravity meters to ensure accuracy. Geophys coordination of field ops + crews to measure geophys char of Earth for mining, geothermal, + other explor clients. Coordinate geophys projects incl planning, quality data acquisition methods, travel to/from survey locs, perform QC on data accuracy + correct data points for geophys survey success. Ensure confidentiality of MWH prop software + data. Communicate w/ HQ for daily field updates. Other duties as requested. Some domestic and international travel involved. Must have Bach in (Exploration) Geophysics and 2 yrs rel field exp in gravity + magnetic data acquisition + computer processing of gravity/mag survey data. Also reqs the following skills (2 yrs exp) in: field gravity; GPS and mag data acquisition; geophys data processing for geophys explor surveys.

Resumes to: careers@mwhgeo.com